i have all these ships

but not enough feels

1 January
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This journal has an entire armada of ships from many different fandoms! Currently interested in: Marvel Avengers, Hockey RPS, Harry Potter, and Pokemon.

please do not repost/link flocked work outside of lj

Flocked posts contain RPS (real person shipping), which I do not want floating around the internet. Just because there are people who don't take kindly to m/m relationships between real people. orz

Feel free to friend me or ask to be added. Just leave me a comment or PM with a reason why (you want to see my flocked posts, or you just want to be friends), and I'll add you as soon as I can. :)

Just a poor wee lass who has an unhealthy obsession for anything relating to the Vancouver Canucks. I love the Nashville Predators too, but my home town boys always come first (no pun intended???). Actually, I like anything you can fangirl over, or ship. Which is basically everything. I mainly use this journal to lurk for hockey RPS/Harry Potter fics and, if I can spare some time from tumblr, personal shit and photos. Maybe.

I am a humongous big Bieksler shipper (Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa), and I'm forever lamenting the lack of Bieksler posts on the interwebz. There is not enough of these two, even though you can clearly see they're meant to be. ;--; Did I also mention my penchant for art? Combine everything in a package, and well... that's me.

Also a huge Avengers nerd! That movie makes me have all these feels I shouldn't really have. I ship everyone with anything that exists, but Steve Rogers, Thor, Loki, and Tony Stark are among my favourites. Oh, and Tom Hiddleston is a perfect human being.

If you follow me anywhere else, please don't mention my LJ. =-=" It'll be better for everyone, I promise.

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